Sushil Kumar: India’s Last Gold Medal hope

Sushil kumar Gold medal:

Finally Sushil Kumar  made it to the final of Men’s FR 66 kg wrestling by defeating Ikhtiyor Navruzov of Kazakhstan. He defeated him by 3-0, 0-3, and 6-3 score in the semi final. Sushil kumar is the person who won bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics 2008 and secured Silver medal in London Olympic 2012.

Sushil Kumar-India's last Gold Medal Hope

Sushil Kumar-India’s last Gold Medal Hope

Wrestling has been contested at the Summer Olympic Games since the sport was introduced in the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. When the modern Olympic Games resumed in Athens in 1896

The final of Men’s FR 66 kg (Gold Medal) wrestling will start at 6:33 PM (India time), where the match will be held between India’s  Sushil Kimar and Japan’s Tatsuhiro Yonemitsu and we hope that

We all hope that Sushil kumar will be able to give india a gift of first gold of the London Olympic 2012.