Clara Schumann Google Doodle

Clara Schumann’s 193rd Birthday Google Doodle

Now a day Google using it’s Doodle too much, Today It’s came with a new informative,and mind-blowing customized Doodle on it’s homepage at the occasion of Clara Schumann’s 193rd Birthday. Just a few days ago Maria Montessori 142nd birthday and in the occasion of London Olympics 2012, it used continuous 14 days of Doodling on it’s homepage.

Google generally celebrates special events, birthdays or festivals with a customized homepage with relevant graphics, animation or images. Today at the occasion of  196rd birthday of Clara Schumann, Google surprised us and paid tribute to her.

Clara Schumann Google Doodle

Here is a screenshot of todays Doodle:

Clara Schumann’s 193rd Birthday Google Doodle

As Clara Schumann was a famous pianist of that time, that’s why we can see that a lady (represents Clara Schumann) Playing piano with a bunch of children. in this way we can say that today’s Google doodle of Clara Schumann represents the importance of this day.


Who is Clara Schumann

While publishing about any Google doodle, I question myself why this day is special, and what’s the special about this person for which the search engine giant Google is paying tribute ? Well in the case of Clara Schumann I didn’t need to say much as most of the people know about her.

For those people who still doesn’t’ knew her, I would like them inform that Clara Schumann is a German pianists, musician and composer. Mostly known for her skill in piano.

Clara Schumann was born on13th  September 1819

Clara Schumann died on 20th May 1896

Clara Schumann as a person

Clara Schumann image  Clara Schumann photo

Now if you get a chance to pay tribe to Clara Schumann, how will will do that? let us know in the comment section.

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