BlackBerry 10 Ready for Launch after Winning Key Security Clearance

BlackBerry 10 Ready for Launch after Winning Key Security Clearance

RIM’s (Research in Motion) upcoming mobile phone, BlackBerry 10 has undergone security clearance in the United States, thus enabling it to be used by government agencies. This is a conditional clearance as it is applicable only when the company does not desert the Canadian company before the launch of the new platform.

RIM is counting the days for the release of its next-generation BlackBerry 10 platform (even though the exact release date is not known). The company has been conducting a lot of press releases with positive intentions and with an effort to create a conscious announcement of its new launches. BlackBerry RIM announced few days ago that its new BlackBerry 10 has surpassed a crucial milestone with a message that it had ventured into lab testing with fifty plus carriers throughout the world. BlackBerry 10 Ready for Launch after Winning Key Security Clearance

Details of the new announcement

The company announced that it had issued a statement which read that the new BlackBerry 10 mobile phone and the Enterprise Service 10 maintaining console had been informed of some crucial FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) from National Institute of Standards and Technology with a 140 – 2 security certification.

This is BlackBerry’s first experience where their products have been FIPS certified even before the launch, the company based in Ontario announced. This paves way for Canadian and United States government agencies to make use of the device in their work places. According to Michael K. Brown, the Vice President of research in RIM and security product maintenance, by achieving 140-2 certification with FIPS would mean that BlackBerry 10 will eventually meet the security needs of the enterprises and government agencies after launch.

Insisting on the security features of BlackBerry 10, the vice president added that there is one point that differentiates BlackBerry from other mobile phone brands. BlackBerry 10 integrates end-to-end security features that also include certified encryption algorithms for data in transit and data at rest. The height of security accreditation that BlackBerry has achieved so far is the most in the history of mobile phone security solutions.

Effect on BlackBerry

This certification is without doubt, great news for mobile companies as several agencies of late have turned towards iOS and Android devices against BlackBerry’s handsets with the security issues in mind. BlackBerry has a long way to go or put in simple words, BlackBerry has its work cut out before it gets back its lost agencies. The team should also work to hold on to those agencies that have thus far stuck with its products.

BlackBerry’s positive signs

BlackBerry had its positive signs when Pentagon announced that it would continue its support with a huge number of BlackBerry smartphones though it would be allowing most of its employees to use iPhone, Android and devices running on other platforms.

Blackberry boasts a strong reputation for its security which helped RIM standout, as it really mattered for those concerned about security measures more than any other feature. On the contrary, for a lot of IT administrators, the Android and iOS phones of today are offering better manageable security platforms.

Of course, BlackBerry has been able to pull out a few bits of great news, but the challenge will come with its all new and most-awaited BlackBerry 10 (they popularly call it as BB10) operating systems and smartphones.

Will the BB10 change BlackBerry’s fortunes?

Of late, BlackBerry’s smartphone sales have stopped soaring as they once did. Will the new BB10 change tides for the company? Keep your fingers crossed.