Auguste Rodin Google Doodle

Auguste Rodin’s 172nd birthday Google Doodle

If Auguste Rodin was alive! he would have been celebrating his172nd birthday with us, but unfortunately he is no longer with us. Though Auguste Rodin is remembered and his 172nd birthday is being celebrated at the homepage of worlds most popular search engines homepage. Just two days ago Google celebrated Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday with a doodle

Auguste Rodin Google Doodle

Here is a screenshot of Auguste Rodin’s 165th birthday Google doodle:

Auguste Rodin's 172nd birthday Google Doodle

Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin created several sculptures in his life, and in todays doodle, one of his sculptures is featured in Google’s homepage.

Auguste Rodin (François-Auguste-René Rodin) 

was born on 12 November 1840

and died on 17 November 1917